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Painless Hair Transplantation

As we grow older, our hair start to get weak and shed naturally just like it happens in all the cells we have in our bodies. In many communities, hair shedding is an indicator of aging process. In 21st century, these are the problems of the past and there are always exciting developments in hair transplantation surgical society.

Hair transplantation presents permanent solution to men and women in hair sheddings. The purpose of hair restoration operation is to get healthy hair grafts from hairy head scalp section and to transfer the same to the section having hair intensity or baldness. What maintains the process is having newly transplanted hair follicle protect its safe donor characteristics.

With technological progress and need to reduce surgical periods, some centers are using robots in order to do the hair transplantation. Even though it is faster, most of the experienced surgeons prefer to do this manually. Doing the hair transplantation manually provided more natural and younger appearance when natural hair line is in question.

Before the hair transplantation, first a comprehensive consulting, examination and date planning are done. During the consultation, your doctor shall review recovery periods, additional treatments and all details of hair transplantation operation by also including the medicines. In hair transplantation, there is the requirement to do local anesthesia application even though there is no surgical technics and at that point, anesthesia application technic accepted as painless hair transplantation becomes part of the operation.

When hair transplantation is in question, before removing hair follicles and forming the areas where hair follicles shall be added, local anesthesia is provided with 2 different technics. In classical hair transplantation method, anesthesia is given from the injector in order to apply local anesthesia before removing hair follicles and hair follicles are implanted. Injector needle can be used to make many of these areas numb against the pain. Because, pain feeling during the application can ruin the comfort and extend the time period of hair transplantation. However, hair transplantation can be applies pain-free by means of painless hair transplantation and special anesthesia devices. These devices apply pressure to anesthetic material and provides fast and efficient anesthesia and reaches to the skin under the pores. Treatment area becomes numb by virtue of this device having only its silicone head touching the skin and the patients becomes ready for the operation without having any needle.

Painless Hair Transplantation is extremely useful for the patients having the fear of injection or for the ones who do not want the application of injection. By means of the anesthesia applies by way of spraying without using the injection for local anesthesia, patients do not feel any paint until the end of the process and they can wait for the completion of the process in comfort.

It is very comfortable and provides trouble-free anesthesia process to be very comfortable and it also lets the patient watch the movie. At the same time, recovery period is speeded up by using a special liquid placed on the scalp during hair transplantation surgical operation and additionally patient is also prevented from encountering little or no swelling after the process. Most of the patients can go back to work within 48 hours and they can continue normal activities like sports within seven days.

Also the patients who postponed this process of painless hair transplantation because of injection fear see that they have an option. İnjections are not used in this method for local anesthesia and consequently patient does not feel any pain or the influence anesthesia does not last short. Just like in classical hair transplantation treatments, efficiency of local anesthesia is also the same in painless hair transplantation.