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Beard Transplantation

If you have little beard, you are not alone.  In the recent times, beard became a part of image and many men are growing beard without having any different for summer and winter.  However, in some situations, beard may not be intensive as desired. Even if this situation can be solved with beard transplantation, let’s examine some reasons why we cannot have intensive beard.

Genetic: If your family is tall, then you have the possibility to be tall. Same principles are also valid for the beard growth. If your father has beautiful thick beard, it is possible for you to have this type of beard. To put it all simple terms, genetic determines many things about us from the color of the hair to mental processing.

Hormones: Among the scientific reasons of irregular growth there is the reason of having weak blood flow in the cheek section for some men when compared with the other areas of the face. This is important, because it means less nutrition and beard producing hormones are taken to your cheeks. This situation directs us to hormones and especially to testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone entering us to manhood from adolescence. It has effect for the growth of beard. Men having low testosterone have difficulty in growing beard although it is not like this always.

Alopecia Aerate: Many men do not suffer from Alopecia Aerate. However, this situation causes the formation of small baldnesses in the sections of your body covered with hair and this also includes your beard.

Life Style: It is said for all of us that we must sleep sufficiently, eat correct foods, do plenty of exercises and must not have too much stress for some things. By also including your beard health, all of these are important for your general health. According to your nourishment, nutritions such as biotin and niacin help to beard growth. You cannot change your genetic; however, you can give a challenge chance to your beard by sustaining a healthy life style.

Beard Transplantation became considerably popular during the recent years. Formation of bristle on the face section firstly depends on your genes. While some persons have thick beard, the others have to challenge for the spaces taking place in the beard section. A successful Beard Transplantation is the key of solution is a situation like this. You must apply below stated instruction to be sure about being prepared well for the surgical operation:

Four weeks before Beard Transplantation

Start to do the skin stretching exercises proposed by the surgeon.

In order to protect a sufficient hair length, stop cutting the hair taking place on the back part of the scalp

Protect yourself against allergies and infections.

Two weeks before Beard Transplantation

Stop using the medicine treatment against hair shedding.

Stop taking blood thinner anti-inflammatory medicines such as Aspirin.

If you have any high blood pressure or diabetes illness, do not forget to negotiate with your surgeon.

If you are smoking cigarette, quit smoking at least two weeks before the surgical operation.

One week before Beard Transplantation

Stop consuming alcohol. Consumption of alcoholic drinks can be effective like smoking cigarette.

One day before Beard Transplantation

Ask help from someone to take you to clinic. Because, it is definitely prohibited to use vehicle right after the surgery.

Prepare the clothes you shall wear to your clinic for the process.

Avoid from being exposed to tiring exercises during the last 24 hours.

On the day of Beard Transplantation

Have a health breakfast but do not drink tea or coffee.

Stop using cream, lotion and sll of the other cosmetic products.