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DHI Hair Transplantation

By being different from the other hair transplantation methods, with DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation), there is no need for the cuts or holes in the receiving area. Hair follicles are directly implanted to the section by using patented DHI implanter device. As a result of this, full controls of depth, direction and placement angle of every graft are done.

On the contrary of other hair transplantation methods, DHI Hair Transplantation does not contain lancet, cut or suture. Hair follicle units use a specially designed single-use tool in order to prevent the trauma in the related section.

With DHI Hair Transplantation, there is no requirement to have the processing of hair follicles in order to avoid necrotic cutting risk and additionally to avoid from the impacts of staying for a long time on the outside of their natural mediums. In place of this, hair follicles extracted with DHI Hair Transplantation method are directly placed and kept in a solution in certain temperature and increasing the developments after the placement.

By means of technologies, if patient desires so, there ie no need to shave the head completely.

DHI Hair Transplantation Treatment is suitable for men and women.

In many of cases, patients can go back to work in the following day of the session.

In extreme air shedding events and when there is not enough hair on the back side of the head to cover the receiving area, it is possible to use the bristles of face and body.

Implanted hair shall not shed and for this reason, there is no need for a medicine to be used for a long period.

It takes 12 months to see the whole results. However, the growth of the hair can be seen within two months.

DHI Advantages

Bleeding risk is little because cutting area is so small.

After the operation, recovery is realized at maximum level.

In this method, it is possible to have the implementation of the process without shaving. There is no requirement to shave the head completely like it is done in the other methods.

DHI Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to shave my head before the treatment?

There is no need for you to shave your head completely. It is enough to shorten the hair in donor section. In point of fact, there is the requirement not to shave your head 10 days before the process.

What is the time I shall need before I return to work?

In many cases, it is even possible for you to go back to work with the condition of sustaining your routine after the surgical operation. However, it shall be better to rest for at least one week.

How long does it take to see the results?

You shall start to notice the recovery within 3-4 months. However, it is needed to wait 1 year in order to see the results completely.

Is DHI Method suitable for women?

DHI Hair Transplantation is a suitable method for both women and men.

How long must I wait before doing exercise?

Two weeks after the treatment, you may return to light exercise and swimming. However, please wait 1 month before you return to intensive exercise.

Is DHI Hair Transplantation safe?

All surgical operations have potential for some risks such as infection, excessive bleeding and recovery of the wounds or scars. If your general state of health is good, before having a medical condition and if you follow the instructions of your surgeon, before and after the operation, these risks can be minimized. DHI method has low risk, it is painless and leaves no trace and at the same time it provides a permanent solution to hair shedding.