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Hair Mesotherapy

Would you like to have thicker, more powerful and good looking hair without having a surgical operation? In that case, hair Mesotherapy seems to be a good option for you. Mesotherapy is an extremely efficient, nonsurgical solution for the hair shedding and it can be helpful for the thin hair’s thickening as well as the health of the hair.

Traditional Mesotherapy has been used for decades for face rejuvenation, weight loss, cellulite reduction and for the treatments of other localized issues and it has also drawn the attention of hair shedding specialists. In conclusion, Hair Mesotherapy has come into existence and its application has started. When it comes to Hair Mesotherapy, treatment is applied in the result of having combination of the most developed hair shedding medicines of traditional Mesotherapy technics and vitamins.

During the treatment, little amount of Mesotherapy formula is directly injected to the scalp. While oral medicines have to pass through the digestion system before taken in the blood circulation, Mesotherapy formula is directly given to the follicles. This method increases the effects of the formula and it can provide more efficient results from oral or tropical solutions.

Hair Mesotherapy can be used in the treatments of the hair sheddings in men and women, man type baldness, issued caused by genetic and hormonal conditions. Additionally, persons who want to have thicker, more powerful and healthier hair are able to make use of this method.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Treatment safe?

Hair Mesotherapy is 100% safe and it is rare that the patients have any side effect. Only the formula consisting of FDA approved medicines, natural vitamins and medicinal herbs is used.

Does the treatment inflict pain?

Some patients feel a little discomfort however treatment does not inflict pain.

When can I expect to see the results after the first treatment?

The results of any hair restoration treatment always show difference among the patients. However, in most cases, it takes 2-3 months to notice the results.

How many sessions do I need?

On the average, each treatment is done with about one or two week intervals and completion of treatment process lasts approximately 10-12 sessions. In general, every Mesotherapy session lasts about 10 to 30 minutes by depending on the dimension of targeted area. For this reason, Mesotherapy is something you can have the rapid application of during the lunch break.

Is there any side effect?

Every effective treatment has side effect risk and Mesotherapy is not different in this regard. Fortunately, potential side effects are little. Mesotherapy is an extremely safe treatment method and most frequently seen side effect is the bruise seen around the scalp or pain. In this case, bruise generally gets well within a week and the pain disappears within two days.

What must be expected with Mesotherapy Treatment?

Despite of the fact that the results change from one patient to another, one session typically lasts about 10 to 30 minutes depending on the dimension of the affected area. 10 sessions are required in order to create the required conditions in the scalp to have the correct hair growing again. Throughout the first two and three months, an intensive treatment session is planned once in every two weeks. Later on, patients can reduce the appointment frequency to once in every three months of even less. In the first few weeks of the treatment, it is expected that the patients can see the results depending on the severity of patients’ hair shedding. Results can be seen two or three months later. However, it takes about six months to have the appearance of whole results. With Mesotherapy, you can live better hair volume, more powerful, bright with less hair shedding.